Our research team comes from diverse backgrounds and academic fields with a common goal to address privacy and ethics for big and pervasive data. To learn more about the project members, please explore our directory of principal investigators, PhD candidates, graduate assistants, and research support staff.

Principal Investigators

Matthew Bietz
Department of Informatics, University of California - Irvine
Focusing on the use of new forms of data in scientific research in order to inform the development of policy, practice, and cyberinfrastructure
Casey Fiesler
Department of Information Science, University of Colorado Boulder
Addressing the challenges of non-legal-experts dealing with legal complexities in online spaces
Jacob Metcalf
Data & Society Research Institute
Focusing on efforts to develop ethics review capacity for data science in academia and industry alike
Arvind Narayanan
Computer Science, Princeton
Uncovering how companies collect and use our personal data
Katie Shilton
College of Information Studies, University of Maryland - College Park
Exploring ethics and policy for the design of information collections, systems, and technologies
Jessica Vitak
College of Information Studies, University of Maryland - College Park
Evaluating the privacy challenges faced by users, developers, and researchers when collecting and analyzing personal data
Michael Zimmer
Department of Computer Science, Marquette University
Focusing on online privacy, the ethical dimensions of social media and internet technologies, and internet research ethics


Jessica Pater
Human-Centered Computing, Georgia Tech
Focusing on how social computing technologies can impact everyday wellness and behavior.
Nicholas Proferes
College of Communication and Information, University of Kentucky
Exploring users’ understandings of information flow on social media, tech discourse, and issues of power in the digital landscape.


Eddie Chapman
PhD Student
Department of Computer Science, Marquette University
Brianna Dym
PhD Student
College of Media, Communication, and Information, University of Colorado, Boulder
Carlos Cortes Gutierrez
Department of Informatics, University of California, Irvine
Parker Scott
Department of Informatics, University of California, Irvine

Advisory Board

Amy Bruckman, Georgia TechGeoffrey C. Bowker, University of California - Irvine
Axel Bruns, Queensland University of TechnologyJeff Hancock, Stanford University
Camille Nebeker, University of California -San DiegoJules Polenetsky, Future of Privacy Forum
Cornelius Puschmann, Internet and Society - BerlinKarrie Karahalios, University of Illinois - Urbana Champaign
Deborah Estrin, Cornell TechLauri Kanerva, Facebook
Elizabeth Buchanan, University of Wisconsin -StoutMatt Salganik, Princeton University
Frank Pasquale, University of MarylandPaul Ohm, Georgetown University Law Center
Mary Gray, Microsoft Research New England